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 NBC Survival Gear

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Nathan Bickley

Nathan Bickley

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PostSubject: NBC Survival Gear   NBC Survival Gear EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 3:25 am


When an NBC situation occurs it can be very confusing and dangerous if you do not know what is happening and you have no way of knowing where to head.

Well in this I'll be describing the few basic essentials youll want and how you can find out if a situation is occouring. First of all to find out about an attack your best bet would be to switch on the TV as the channels would hopefully be showing an alert message and radios would be repeatin a broadcast, or you can ask a person of importance such as policemen, soldiers, hospital staff, firemen or government workers. You can also check by using a dosimeter to check the surrounding area for radiation or chemicals. It will also be painfully obvious if there are policemen and other people wearing protective face masks, either way ask them what to do and where to go. If you want a good chance to survive such an attack get a gas mask! Gas masks are great at proteting you from such attacks as long as you know what your doing with it, if it doesnt fit or there are cracks and punctures in it, your done for. You also need to have filters with the gas mask as well as they filter out the harmful particles and aerosols that come along with the disaster. Plus you would want protective clothing as most harmful particles and chemicals can damage your skin. An NBC suit is a good choice as most have lead in them to block the radiation and are splash resistant, so it is pretty much airtight. Use NBC tape to seal up any openings such as the boots, gloves and gas mask areas. Again if you dont know what your doing, your dead. You will probably only need one gas mask as most laft for 24 hours in a crisis however youll want to bring spare filters because from what ive read once a filter is exposed to the dangerous elements its only good for about 1-2 hours before it becomes toxic, you can breathe clean air for practice with your mask but place the seal back on the filter as soon as possible to prevent degradation of the filter. To check if your gas mask fits put your hand over the outlet valve and breathe in if it sticks to your face its a good fit. Place your hand over the outlet valve again and breathe out if the masks seal on your face detaches from you then its supposedly a good fit. Also bring along some potassium iodate or iodine as it prevents thyroid cancer which is mainly caused by radiation. Also bring along some MRE's and water. MRE's are food rations.

I hope this helps in prepping and if ive left something out or made an error please tell me thanks. Nathan B
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James 'DedMan' Manuel
James 'DedMan' Manuel

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PostSubject: Re: NBC Survival Gear   NBC Survival Gear EmptySun Aug 05, 2012 7:31 am

Thanks for the info Nathan it will come in handy if anything happens
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NBC Survival Gear
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